Semi-Rigid Coaxial Cable SR-047-C

 sma connector dimensions SR-250-TC □Specification Meets MIL-C-17/129 □Continuous working voltage Max. 3000Vrms □Operating Temperature Variety -40°C ~ 125°C Construction Item Material Diameter Remark Center Conductor SPC 1.628 mm (.064 inch) Solid Variety Dielectric PTFE(Strong) five.32 mm (.209 inch) Outer Shield Tin Plated Copper Tube 6.35 mm (.25 inch) 100% Coverage Electrical Information Item Specification Remark Operating Frequency Max. 69.5% Capacitance Max. rf connector price

The wireless communication sector is a giant compared to the early 1980s when analog cellular was all the rage. The advent of digital communications and cellular phones, as nicely as the infrastructure around it, from mountain prime base stations to satellite hyperlinks, has driven designers to produce RF connector goods that will meet the demands of escalating electrical performance specifications. RF Precision Products employs engineers with diverse backgrounds in RF connector style. Their design and manufacturing knowledge base includes precision connectors and adapters, coaxial cable assemblies, medical cable assemblies and wireless digital spread spectrum modems.

GS: We expect to see continued marketplace development in all Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications, navigation and telematics, industrial control, automation, telehealth and RFID. rf connectors for upper frequencies Overall, the proliferation of wireless technologies in the industrial industry space brings a constructive momentum for RF interconnect solutions. Amphenol RF will extend promotion of the HD-BNC solution line for broadcast applications and beyond. We will continue R&D investment into new merchandise for broadband, telecom and wireless applications. The future is encouraging for RF technologies and Amphenol RF will remain nicely positioned by means of its diversification method.

As a leader in the RF connector sector for much more than 20 years, Coaxial Components Corp. has created a foremost study tool for cross referencing the company’s substantial database of RF elements. The database encompasses solution lines from much more than a dozen companies and dates back to the early 1970s. Now, Coaxicom has incorporated the extensive cross-referencing tool into the company’s new website, launched earlier this year.

Hence, SMP-L connectors are an best solution for applications that call for the functionality and density of a push-on connector with the ruggedness of a locking function. Their superior performance below vibration and other harsh environmental elements allows designers to overcome the historical limitation of making use of only threaded connectors such as the SMA or Kind N in their designs. In addition, the compatibility of the SMP-L connectors with the standard SMP interface enables the use of a single interconnect method all through the design and style.

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